To protect the stakeholders and all the Persons who come into contact with the work of the Foundation’s Organisations in various ways, three Safeguarding Bodies, composed of independent professionals, operate within the Controlling Board:

Supervisory Body

It supervises both the responsibility of the Organisations, so that every activity is carried out in compliance with the law, as well as the conduct of individuals, to ensure that personal activities and organisational choices are consistent with the aims of the Foundation.

Guarantor Body

It verifies the responsibility of the Organisations and individuals to ensure that each activity is carried out in keeping with the values of the Foundation and in application of the provisions of the Statute. The body also monitors transparency, moderation and fairness towards stakeholders.

Prevention Body

It works to minimise potential risks to Talents and People involved in various capacities in the different activities. It monitors the responsibility of the Organisations to ensure that each activity is organised in accordance with the characteristics and needs of the participants. It ensures that individuals, when organising and managing activities, have the necessary skills to detect possible risks and distress and to remedy them.

Anyone can address these bodies directly by e-mail. Reports are handled outside of the Organisations, entrusted to independent professionals who guarantee the utmost confidentiality, expertise and decision-making autonomy.

In the absence of a precise legal regulation, this is a unicum on the Italian panorama: the San Michele Arcangelo Organisations are in fact the first in Italy to have provided themselves, on their own initiative, with such a stringent control mechanism.