Ikaros Foundation

For over 25 years the Ikaros Foundation has provided young people from 14 to 19 years of age with secondary education, and technical and professional training aimed at achieving successful job placement.
Its objective is to prepare youngsters to be able to work all over the world and to lead their own lives.
The training process not only involves theory but also extensive practice, carried out both inside the institute’s workshops as well as in collaboration with local companies. This allows students to acquire the manual skills and know-how necessary to be able to use them immediately in the job world.



JAC Foundation – JobsAcademy offers courses in the post-diploma tertiary education sector. In collaboration with hundreds of companies, starting from their basic necessities, it organises highly specialised courses, taking responsibility for ensuring real job placement at the end of the educational process.
The course, based on the “Learning by Doing” method and a faculty of top-level professionals, is divided over three years: at the end of the first two years, students earn an ITS Diploma recognised by the Ministry of Education; the third year offers the opportunity of developing one’s personal project and, whilst working, to gain a three-year degree.
JAC today is, in fact, the largest technical high school in Italy.



The JobsFactory Consortium was founded to consolidate, introduce and propose the JobsAcademy model all over Italy.
The objective is to assist each region in responding to the demands of the specific economic context in the most effective way possible, reinforcing existing partnerships or creating new ones, offering highly specialised courses in post-diploma tertiary education.
Present today in Lombardy, JobsFactory has the ambitious goal of quickly reaching all of Italy’s regions.


Upprendo is the first Apprenticeship School, generated by the educational experience and knowledge of the world of work that Daniele Nembrini and the entire Group have gained over the years, to give a new outlook to young people who want to challenge themselves concretely, experiencing in an immersive way what can be learnt by working.
This is a state-of-the-art model, structured on a dual system capable of fostering the talent of each young person: it takes students from lower secondary school and accompanies them on a path that brings together training and work and leads them not only to a professional qualification but also, potentially, to a secondary school diploma and then an ITS diploma and a three-year degree.


Et Labora

The ET LABORA Foundation was established to respond to the innate need for self-fulfilment in every individual, accompanying him or her at any age – from compulsory school attendance to the elderly – in the discovery of their own abilities and potential.
– To this purpose, Et Labora deals with the integration and reintegration of young people and adults into the labour market;
– It accompanies firms and entrepreneurs in defining and recruiting the most suitable professional figures for their needs, and offers them customised consulting and training services, eventually creating tailor-made corporate academies;
– It helps to ensure the permanency of employees within companies with the continuous training of personnel, responding effectively and flexibly to the demands of the job world.
It is also an accredited body for all targeted placement activities for workers in challenging situations.



JobsTalent was created on the one hand to consolidate the link between Talents and Enterprises, and on the other, to ensure that the activities of the individual Organisations remain faithful to the Foundation’s original proposal. JobsTalent’s activities focus on three macro-areas.
– Talent Development, with the goal of guiding young people by offering them a wide range of opportunities so they may develop their skills to the best of their abilities
– Business Development, with the aim of expanding corporate partnerships and engaging new resources, ideas and energy in updating teaching and placement opportunities.
– Matching: so that each person can be truly accompanied in finding their job.

Meet Human

MEET HUMAN Foundation, was conceived to meet and support experiences of true humanity committed to the overall realisation of the individual.
It deals with international projects in developing countries, through multicultural exchanges in the fields of education, training and job placement, with a focus on economic and environmental sustainability. MEET HUMAN is the culmination of the process that has always animated the group, enlightening with its activity the mission of all the other Organisations.


CESTA Foundation

CESTA Foundation was established in 2003 on the initiative of the religious body ‘Provincia di Maria SS della Pietà’ of the Passionist Fathers, taking up the legacy of the C.E.S.T.A Training Centre, established in 1955 thanks to the work of Father Stanislao, who wanted to respond to the need expressed by the territory to train specialised workers.
Since then, CESTA’s aim has been to train young people, in order to enable them to enter the world of work more aware of their skills and with a greater awareness of their potential, thanks to courses that provide both theoretical and practical training; the latter consists of many hours of workshop and considerable internship experience in local companies.