The structure of the San Michele Arcangelo Foundation provides for the following Functions:




Daniele Nembrini

The Founder Daniele Nembrini is the first and last point of reference of the San Michele Arcangelo Organisations, and is responsible for guaranteeing the pursuit of the Aim and keeping alive the words imprinted in Article 2 of the Statute.
As Founder, he has no operational duties in any of the Organisations, with the exception of interim appointments, holding by Statute exclusively the power to appoint all the members of the statutory bodies of the Organisations of the Group.

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In the Organisatios method process, which involves three steps

1. asking for Criteria; which presupposes a willingness to empathise
2. exercising Power; which presupposes a willingness to take risks
3. sharing a Judgement; which presupposes a willingness to know

the Founder oversees the implementation of the entire method process:

– waits and is available in the first phase of requesting the Criteria, in which it presupposes for all those involved with the Works the willingness to identify with him, in the experience he is living and proposing:
– observes the second phase, of exercising Power, which implies the willingness of each collaborator to take the risk of confrontation with reality, verifying the experience and in personal responsibility;
– awaits, cultivates and encourages the construction of the third phase, of sharing a Judgement, since the latter implies the willingness to know and look together at what is happening, in order to learn and grow by all looking in the same direction.

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  • Prefect
    Francesco Napoli

    Born in 1973, he lives in Bologna. A graduate of the Alma Mater Studiorum of Bologna in Political Science, he has developed team leadership and public relations skills throughout his professional career. A music lover, he is co-founder of a musical series of children’s songs, the proceeds of which are donated entirely to charity to non-profit social and educational institutions.

  • Appeal
    Roberto Mele

    Born in 1965, he lives in Rome.
    A graduate in Law from the University of Bari, he gained managerial experience in various multinational companies, a professional trainer and coach. Active in volunteering in family and parenting training activities. He co-authored the publication “Appunti sparsi di Coaching”, Zona Editori.

  • Development
    Luca Tavolante

    Born in 1977, he lives in Rome.

    A graduate in Political Science in Palermo, he is an expert in Programme Management and Project Management for publicly financed notifications; planning and coordinating of integrated interventions for local development; active and passive labour policies. In particular, within the Public Employment Services of Rome and Latium, he has developed specific skills for hiring, outplacement, job placement and social inclusion, work orientation, and the construction of regional networks for promoting local development interventions and policies.


  • Secretary General
    Sergio Arcuri

    Born in 1971, he lives in Lainate (MI).

    Chartered Accountant and Auditor, registered with the Milan ODCEC, where he is a member of the Compliance and Organisational Models Commission. Author of several articles on the “231” (SPD of Il Sole 24 ore).

    Volunteer at the LA FRA Association which assists youth with disabilities. Football (AC Milan) and reading enthusiast.

  • Supervisory Body
    Priscilla Robledo

    Born in 1986, she lives in Milan.

    For more than 10 years a legal consultant and trainer for various third sector organisations and an expert in anti-corruption and 231 for public and private entities, she also holds university lectures on issues related to human rights in business and legal sustainability.

    She volunteers for a Milanese association that organises cultural events and is passionate about trekking and walking.

  • Guarantor Body
    Diego Belotti

    Born in 1971. He graduated in Law from the University of Milan and works as a lawyer. He has his own legal practice and is a member of the Bergamo Bar Association. He was mayor of Scanzorosciate for five years.

  • Prevention Body
    Matteo Copia

    Born in 1976, with a degree in Economics and Marketing Commander of the Local Police, for years he has been meeting young people from schools of all levels to deal with issues concerning the “culture of limits”, “respect for diversity”, the “power of fake news”, and the “struggle against bullying and cyber-bullying”. In 2019, he joined Bergamo Rete Sociale and approached the world of alcohol, drug and gambling addiction.


  • Treasurer
    Fabrizio Rocca