The San Michele Arcangelo Organisations were founded by Daniele Nembrini, married and the father of three children.
Daniele was born in 1968 in Trescore Balneario (BG), the last of ten children. His calling for education and training comes from afar: back in 1956 his father, Dario, opened what today would be called a “school-workshop” in his mechanic’s shop. For this reason, Daniele likes to say that the German dual system was actually invented by the Italians…
Daniele was schooled in the field of economics. Before founding the Organisations which he now heads, he gained management experience in the fields of banking and service providers.

This is a poem written by a fourteen-year-old
boy named Daniele Nembrini


“You wake up in the morning, early or late, but it makes no difference
and while you are still living in your elusive dream,
it is there waiting for you.
Reality, always the same and always different.
You get up, you run away from it, and even though you live in the reality of your dream,
you know perfectly well that it is there and is different.
And you live like an actor who cannot understand where the script begins and ends.
And while you take refuge victoriously in your dream, it’s there staring at you and waiting for you.
And at the same time, it frightens you and yet it is familiar,
you run away from it and you miss it, because that is reality, your reality.
But it’s already evening and late, and your dream is there waiting for you victorious over it.
And you go to bed in tears because your dream has won.
And you wonder how much longer you won’t be able to get up and greet your Reality.”

This poem says a great deal about who we are. I used to be like that, with a great desire – like all of us and, most importantly, like everyone we meet, including our youth – but with an inability to carry on with it. Shall we equate me with a ‘neet’, or a misfit? I was like that.
But I’m still like that; we all are. And more so – I think – a young man of a certain age or an unemployed person is like that, someone who finds himself in a situation like the one in the poem: with a great desire and a contradiction to the condition they are living in.

Daniele Nembrini, Fondazioni in corso d’opera (Foundations in Progress), 2019

In 1956, Dario Nembrini, Daniele’s father, and the parish priest of Trescore entered into a contract to open up a school-workshop. The parish provided the premises and some of the equipment, with the obligation that Dario would teach the trade to the children of the town that the parish priest would send him. In fact, the first signs of the disease that marked Dario’s life, multiple sclerosis, were soon to appear: Dario could not stand up for very long and had to abandon the activity.

1956 Convention