The San Michele Arcangelo Foundation is an Organisation meaning an entity that is structured and managed according to business logics but on a non-profit basis, with social utility purposes, to which any operational gains are redirected. Founded more than 25 years ago in Bergamo, it represents the synthesized crossroads of a group of Organisations which feels strongly about Education, Training, Employment, Research and Sustainability.

San Michele Arcangelo Foundation, founding partner of all the Group’s Charitable Organisations, stands as guarantor of the purpose, method. It also appoints the statutory bodies of each and oversees the steering, supervision and management.

You have an enormous responsibility from a human point of view, because there are so many of you working there, and before the Holy Mother Church, because you help generate true humanum. It is your duty to translate Christian inspiration into educational standards. An adequate anthropology is needed, an adequate vision of the human being that then generates the educational processes. You have taken the first step; you are aware that this is the underlying problem. And then you are vigilant.
I am very happy to have met you.
The Lord is here.
The future is here.
Go forward.
A very strong commitment to education is needed, otherwise there is no future.

His Excellency Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, speaking to Daniele Nembrini


The most concise and aware formulation of the nature, purpose and working directions of the San Michele Arcangelo Foundation can be found in Article 2 of its Statute. We therefore feel it is important to quote it in its entirety.



Le Opere della San Michele Arcangelo sono state fondate da Daniele Nembrini, sposato e padre di tre figli.
Daniele nasce nel 1968 a Trescore Balneario (BG), ultimo di dieci figli. La sua vocazione per l’educazione e la formazione viene da lontano: già nel 1956 infatti suo padre, Dario, ha aperto nella sua officina meccanica quella che oggi si chiamerebbe “scuola-bottega”.



The Organisations in the San Michele Arcangelo Foundation, which are rooted in Catholicism, did not, paradoxically, come into being to respond to the needs of others, but first and foremost to our own: to the need for meaning that we all have. And so we try, as best we can, to respond to the needs of others – which we recognise, in the end, as identical to our own.