“No one is excluded from such a look”

The Foundation San Michele Arcangelo, by the express will of its Founder, intends to help those who need an economic contribution to be able to attend their chosen pathway in each of its Organisation. The aim is that no one should remain excluded from our educational proposal for mere economic reasons.

The first instrument made available is the Honour Loan.

Since we are certain of the training courses proposed and certain of the consequent job placement, we have set up an agreement with a leading credit institute. Through this agreement, it will be possible to obtain up to EUR 5,000 per year at a minimum subsidised rate; the sum requested will be repayable in customised instalments starting one year after obtaining the qualification. This proposal can be drawn upon by making a specific request directly to the Foundation offering the chosen path.

In the event that the Honour Loan cannot be authorised, it will be possible to apply directly to the San Michele Arcangelo Foundation for a study grant.

It will also be possible to apply for scholarships for those attending training courses provided by subjects other than the Organisations belonging to the Foundation San Michele Arcangelo. These applications will be accepted subject to the established annual fund and subordinate to the requests of participants in the courses of the group Organisations.

The request can be made by filling out the following form.

We hope that in this way we can make our contribution so that those we meet can find not just a way, but their own way.

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    This opportunity is possible thanks to those who encourage and support us daily through donations.